Kids Day Paintball Sessions

Designed for kids ages 6 to 12 years old
Kid Paintball Player

What is Kids Day?

Kids Day is a session that we created to cater specifically to kids that are between 6 and 12 years old. Players must be at least 6-years old to play. For this session we use our Low Impact Paintballs which are 1/3 the impact of the traditional paintball. We also run with some special rules for the session to make it more friendly to the young players.
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Special Kids Day Rules

  • Lower ROF Markers Only

    We only allow mechanical markers during this session. So players are welcome to bring their own Low Impact marker if they have it, but it must be mechanical. The lower rate of fire is less intimidating.

  • 20 Foot Rule

    We ask that players stay at least 20 feet from other players to ensure no one is getting hit too close. This prevents players from getting hit close and allows the more timid kids to stay back and get comfortable.

What is the Timeline?

Arrival & Check-in

Arrive around 8:30am to get checked in!

After getting checked in the kids will each go through a 5-7 minute Safety Briefing & Game Orientation to explain the equipment and the rules. Equipment will be issued after the Safety Briefing.

You can check in after 9:00am, but it will cut into your play time.

Game Play

Games will happen from 9:00am-11:00am

After getting their gear the kids will get their paintballs loaded into their paintball gun and then we will take them to shoot targets and play games! Games typically last 5 to 15 minutes.

Players will also have the option to shoot targets to help get them comfortable with the marker.

Pricing & Registration

Rental Accessories

Designed to Maximize Your Experience
  • Rental Paintball Gun Setup

    Upgraded Rental Gun - $10

    The upgraded rental guns have a higher ROF!

  • Rental Paintball Jumpsuit

    Jumpsuit Rental - $10

    The jumpsuit will cover your clothing, giving you an extra layer and also has a padded neck protector built in.

  • Rental Paintball Armored Gloves

    Armored Glove Rental - $5

    The armored gloves provide a plastic armoring on the back of the glove to protect your hand from hits.

  • Rental Paintball Helmet

    Helmet Rental - $5

    The helmet goes over your rental mask and is designed to cover the top and back of the head.

  • Rental Paintball Chest Protector Rental

    Chest Protector Rental - $5

    The upgraded rental guns have a higher ROF!

  • The DBS Protection Plan Bundle

    Defender Bundle - $15

    This bundle gets you the jumpsuit rental, armored glove rental, chest protector rental, and helmet rental at a value price.

Rental Accessories can be added during check-in on site.