Private Paintball Groups

With a Private Group your group will not be mixed in with other. Your group will have a DBS Referee to organize the event. Private Parties can be scheduled  7-days a week during daylight hours.

Why Choose a Private Group at DBS?

Upbeat & Inviting Staff that are dedicated to your 6-Star Experience
At DBS we are all about earning those 5-Star reviews by shooting for 6-Stars and going the extra mile for our guests.

Play With Just Your Group
Your group will not be mixed with others! It will be just your guests that play in your games!

Pick Your Time
Private Groups can be booked during any daylight hours (so long as we still have room!)

Best Prices in Town!
At DBS we don't compromise on your experience all while ensuring the best prices for your paintball adventure.

What Do Players Get??

Private Groups All Include Equipment for up to 10-Players including:

Rental Paintball Gun setup

Rental Paintball Marker

Rental Paintball Mask

Rental Paintball Mask

Paintball Hopper

Paintballs (varies by package)

Admission & Air for Paintball

Admission & Air

Paintball Referee

Referee To Run Your Group

The only thing you will need is to ensure that you dress properly, including wearing the correct shoes. High traction shoes like boots or cleats are recommended. The paintballs do wash out, so you absolutely can dress appropriately with clothing you have from home. We always recommend wearing loose fitting clothing that you do not mind getting dirty like sweats and a hooded sweatshirt. It is also a good idea to layer up. Layers allow you to add or remove them between games if you find the impact does or does not bother you.

Show Me the Private Group Packages!!

Seattle's Most Trusted Paintball Company

We Strive to Create a 5-Star Experience for all Guests
ALWAYS LOVE COMING OUT TO DBS. Big games are always fun, even for magfed in Washington. I recommend everyone to go to DBS if they want to play, and have a great time!
-Tito N.
I brought our youth group to DoodleBug and we had a Private Party of 14. We had a blast. Plenty of variety, paint, and game modes. We will be back for some more. Thanks DoodleBug.
-Tyler S.
I had an amazing time. My favorite part was having high intensity games with my friends. I would recommend to the next player to just keep moving and switch up teams to go against different people. The ref was cool he knew what he was talking about & let us do what we wanted it was awesome he was very good at explaining games we didn't know about.
-Vincent E.
DBS is the best in the northwest, the operators of DBS are some of the best people I know. 12+ years paintballing here and they keep innovating their fields and making the experience better and better. Come check it out!
-Scott V.

Private Groups Packages

Private Groups can be booked 7-days a week during daylight hours! Reservations are Required.

3-Hour Private Group


Plus Tax

It gets up to 10-players in with:✔ Rental Gun Setup
✔ Rental Mask
✔ 3-Hours Access to Fields
✔ 5000 Paintballs for the group
✔ Dedicated Referee

Additional Players
$45 each which will get them the rental marker, rental mask, & 500 paintballs.

Reserve the Outdoor Park

Additional Rental Items Available

To Enhance Your Experience
These items are absolutely not required but are designed to help enhance your adventure!



Chest Protector


Armored Gloves



Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for the ride home!

Although the paintballs wash out it is much better to change before jumping in your car home. By wearing clean clothes home you won’t have to clean the car after you get home you will only have to wash your dirty clothes!

Still Have Questions?

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